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Fishing adjustments to using a boat with a fly bridge

Gotta Bite

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It looks like I am very close to buying a boat with a fly bridge. The boat has auto pilot , kicker motor and of course sonar and GPS. I was wondering how I get these items upstairs in the fly bridge? I know the throttle controls work up stairs but not sure if there is a signal splitter for the sonar or a way to control the throttle on the kicker as well so I can maintain my down speed etc that I wont have visibility to when up top. Let me know what you guys have done in the past. I cant afford to buy two of everything. Thanks.

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Give Frank or his son Derek a call, as they are certified electronics installers, & they did a great job setting up my Hewescraft with all the goodies.  They will be happy to offer good suggestions to you.
Calumet Marine
Address: 426 Burnham Ave, Calumet City, IL 60409

Good luck with your new boat!



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Gotta bite

 what items do you want on your flybridge? i am assuming that you want to be able to view sonar/gps from both locations? also what manufactures are the electronics.

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There is a raymarine C80 down below with GPS and an old 80s Raymarine sonar for the 80s down below. The old sonar works but would rather integrate the sonar into the C80 that was just put in their 2 years ago. I know I'll probably need another transducer and possibly a sonar. I did the research on what's needed to get the lower units up to speed. But not sure about the flybridge. Always had good luck with humminbird but say Raymarine sells a cheap sonar GPS. If they are the same brand , is there a way to split the signal or do I have to have 2 transducers one for the fly bridge and another for the drivers seat down below?

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