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You dont! As long as the dogs dont bay up or circle tight you just wait for them to chase the yote off the posted property. Usually not a huge problem If you let landowners know what is going on ahead of time and stay off the posted property. I have all but given it up except a few places. This year we havent had snow yet in those places and everybody has been travelling to snow. I dont go because i cant be getting tickets or even toeing the line for a coyote. 24 years ago when i first started going we literally were able to go anywhere....and did, but times change and being uneasy as you stated is NOT an enjoyable way to be afield for me. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to expose my son to things like deer drives, predator calling, hound hunting, and pond fishing when you could pretty much go anywhere you wanted and explore and enjoy without exactly knowing the property lines.

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