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Lake Champlain

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Didn't know if thus was the right spot to post or not, but here goes. My daughter and son-in-law have a cottage on Lake Champlain, so my wife and I are heading there this summer. I'll be taking my boat,- 171/2 foot Princecraft that's rigged for Lake O salmon. What can I expect fish-wise come July/August. I can troll deep or fish shallow. Any and all advice appreciated.

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Run a browtrout program and you should. Get into landlocked. Or even some walleye.

I have a site I,'ll post. For you latter when I find it on my pc this kindle is new tome. Get.

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We have a similar website.....  Lake Champlain United at lakechamplainunited.com.  You will find a lot of information about the lake

and tips.  If you need more information, please send me an email.  I will be glad to help you out.

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