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report out of watkins glen (pic added)

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Hi all,

My buddy and i made our first trip of the year sunday. Due to the cold weather and it being our first time out this year, we didn't get lines out til 9a (which allowed a few other boats to have broken the ice for us - literally).


Surface temps never exceeded 34.5 (we didn't go too far N. of the salt plant) and the bite was slow. Boxed a 21" laker at 12:30 and landed a few undersize LLs (one was down 240"). Boxed an 18" laker at 5:30 and my buddy suggested calling it a day. i had pulled in all but my downrigger rod and had just said "5 more minutes" when this 9# brown hit my cheater (ball was down about 160, so about 80' down). A great way to end my first trip of the year!




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WTG Dre....a real beauty. I was pretty envious yesterday :lol:  as we drove home from the Watkins show and I saw about 6 boats out at the south end....didn't realize one of them was you....nice going

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