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Cayuga Afternoon trip out of Myers 3/29

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Launched out of Myers on Sunday afternoon. Wanted to hit the water earlier in the am, but I guess last fall I did not leave things as organized as I thought I did, so took a long time to get things in order. I told myself that I would head south, but old habits die hard and north to the power plant I went. Landed one dink salmon on a 6 color lead core, and lost what felt like a solid fish that had hit a dipsy with a dodger/ fly as I was bringing it in. There was only 50 ft of line left out, so I guess it must have been near the surface. Water temps were around 35, all in all a beautiful first day on the water.

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Cayuga is very low right now. I actually launched out of salt point park across the creek from Myers, so I am not sure how the water level is at MP launch. I don' think I have ever seen the water that low at salt point. I went out in a small 16ft skiff with a 5hp out board, that I put in the back of my pickup. Water was low enough that I had to walk it out a couple of feet before I could get in without dragging bottom.

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