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Beach fishing Sanibel Island

Bosun Cowboy

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Very cool! I've never seen the Lookdown fish before either. I used to have relatives that lived on Sanibel (stockbroker:>) but no longer. I was in Florida too last week but didn't get a chance to fish this time. Great pics. My daughter would have been thinking she was in heaven collecting the shells when she was younger. :)

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So cool! I used to live near sanibel and have caught just about everything that swims around there... But never caught a lookdown. Very unique looking fish. Man do i miss grilled pompano!

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Hey, people! I was researching beach fishing in Florida and I came across this thread. I curently live in Phoenix but I will be moving to the new Sabbia Beach Condos building in Pompano Beach, FL in the next year or so, once it's finished. I have been fishing for over 20 years and i've been around a lot now but I have never been to Sanibel Island before. The photos you posted look fantastic, I am excited to see you caught a Lookdown fish as well, pretty rare catch, congrats! Wishing  you more days like that one! :)

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