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April splash down -- Ain't No Foolin'

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Dropped the boat in yesterday, was shocked to see the Oak's water was only 35 degrees!

With a calm lake and in need of a shake down I Called my fellow captains Clarence and Ed and split the piers at 2 pm. Lake was calm, water along the shore had the perfect color gradient. Began setting lines, popped a couple fish in the first mile, made a turn and slowed the boat to 1.8 mph. The speed was key in the cold 37 degree water, releases began snapping and drags signing!! Including these whoppers, released to be caught this summer!! Simple cold water program, natural sticks off the boards 8 fow!!



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Awsome job Carl, it's been one hell of a winter!! On that note it's great to see a fish being caught on regular gear, no tip ups, tip downs, tip sideways. LOL best of luck to you in the new season!!!

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