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Replacement Hooks on Stickbaits


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Want to get some people thoughts.  On a short billed 3 hook stick bait - do you replace all the stock hooks for salmon; or only keep one or two larger replacement hooks on the back? Same for deep billed baits - replace both hooks on the bait with larger hooks?   Cheers.

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On a 3 hook bait, I remove the front hook, and replace the back hook with one size larger. On a 2 hook bait, I replace the rear hook with one size larger.


All replacements are Owner #ST-41 hooks.


I'm sure you will get a dozen different opinions on this one.....

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It is probably a good idea to remove the front hook with three hook stick baits. You'll hear a lot of differing opinions on whether or not you should use single hooks vs larger trebles on the back. I'm not entirely sure it makes a big difference.

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