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Sold / Closed Cannon Link for Select Hummingbird Fish Finders

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The Cannon CannonLink Downrigger Controller Connection Kit enables select Humminbird fish finders to control the operation of up to 6 Cannon Mag 20, DigiTroll 5, or DigiTroll 10 downriggers. CannonLink gives you full control of up/down functionality as well as the ability to adjust PIC, adjust downrigger speed, program the amount of line on the reel for better line count accuracy, cycle the downrigger between different depths at specified intervals, bottom track, and even display readings from your IntelliTroll Speed N Temp sensor directly on your Humminbird screen. Asking $150.00 firm no longer available from manufacture grab this one while you can first one with the cash gets it. I purchased this back when I bought my Digi-Troll

4's thinking it would work for them I was wrong different pin configuration all together so I never ended up using it I did install

in the boat and connected it to 798 fish finder before I realized it wasn't going to work for me and that's as much use as it got.

if interested drop me a note. thanks

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