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Sandy Creek, April 3rd

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My dads buddy Tim got his boat ready last night and we headed up to the Lake to fish today! Lines were set at 7am and we went on a westward troll. My dads buddy Tim made some make shift planer boards out of water skis and we had a 4 rod spread, 2 on each board. Lines set anywhere from 50-125ft behind the boat. Got about 3/4 of a mile down the shoreline and turned back east in 8ft of water. No color west of the creek. We got to the mouth of the creek and picked up the first brown of the year. Came on the inside rod 80ft back on a brown trout pattern J-7 jointed Rapalla. We trolled east a little bit changed up our spread and turned back west in 10ft of water. Got back to the mouth and the inside rod fired. This one on a J-9 black and copper jointed Rapalla. After that nothing. 2-2 on the day! Most of the colored water was east of the mouth and at the mouth of the creek! 6-12ft of water we trolled. A lot of logs and debris in front. No ice bergs! All in all not a bad day! Got the first fish of the year so can't complain. Wisdom teeth came out yesterday but nothing stopped me from getting out. I have video of both fish on the Go-Pro! Its edited and should be up on YouTube in a couple of hours. I will link it if you would like to see it. :)


Good Luck, Tight Lines, Screaming Reels




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