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Does anyone know of a car top/small boat launch site on East Bay?  I have a small pontoon boat that would be good for this size water, but I need to drag it to launch it, because my 10 year old is not strong enough to help carry yet.

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There's a launch on the west side of the bay- East Bay Rd basically runs right into the bay and you could launch there. The only problem is there's no dock and no public parking. Now with a small boat you can drag, there's a small fishing access site near where E. Bay Rd and Garner Rd. come together. You could park there and drag the boat to the water and follow the channel into the main bay.


Search 7681 E Bay Rd. Wolcott, NY and use street view to see the area I'm thinking of. It's the mowed area to the north.

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There is a state public boat launch for small boats very close to where Gman was talking about.


From the intersection of East Bay road and Garner Road, go south about an eighth of a mile to Slaght Road.


Go east on Slaght Road about two hundred yards, and on the left is a public parking lot with a small dirt road that goes right to the waters edge.


Many people use it to launch 12 - 14 foot aluminum boats, canoes and kayaks.  Follow the meander north to the bay, and a small channel to the lake.



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