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2 cycle oil

Senor Snagger

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all my life i have used brand named oils,then this topic came up on here a few years ago and a bunch of guys said they were using the super tech from walmart,so i tried it and guess what,my motors are still purring like kittens,almost 30 year old 2-strokes!!!!!13 bucks a gallon instead of almost 50 bucks a gallon for yammie oil.THANKS FOR SAVING ME HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR!!!!

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Two cycle oil is not used over and over for thousands of miles like an automobile engine. It flows through the engine momentarily and goes into the atmosphere. Really the old cheap oil has worked for decades in outboard engines that are water cooled. Now your air cooled weedwackers are short lived.

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Sam's Club usually has 2-stroke synthetic blend Pennzoil marine for $12/gallon during the summer.  That is usually the stuff I buy for my boat I have run it in my motor since I have owned it and never had an issue.  Knock on wood! 


I run the super tech in our jetski and it seems to do a nice job.

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