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Fished the oak on Sunday 4-12

Went west and set lines immediately

2 - downriggers w/ spoons

6 - planer rods w/ sticks 3-1/8"-5"

Browns held in a 1/2-1/4 mile area in 9-11' of water. The size and fight on light rods were great. Fun to get on the boat again.

The surprise was a mid teens (no scale so guess) king salmon that hit a purple storm stick bait. He had a few good runs and multiple jumps. It was great to get that adrenaline going again after a long winter. My dad did a great job fighting him. Thought he was off a few times but he just ran hard at the boat.

All in all it was a great weekend with family and I had tons of fun w my dad and brother. Never a dull moment w the brother in law lol.

When my video is done loading I will post it. It has some photos and videos of the fishing.

See ya again soon oak!

Boat: Luca il Pesce

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