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Blind squirrel Sportfishing rochester report 4/17

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Well let me start by saying that today you had to work all day long. Definatley a day that separates the men from the boys!!! Left dock at 5:45 a.m. rain shower and dark. Then greeted at pier heads with think fog with only 100' visibility at best. Then a mine field of debris for almost 3 miles! Raymarine was put to the maximum test and having the best electronics you can afford/ get was a must to fish on the water today!!

Then comes the fishing FINALY can set up in the fog. 8 fow and can't see shore at all! Put out spread on the boards and the Scottys set.....8:45 first rip off board a 3 pound king uggg. Finaly found a pocket of water where was nice green and temp went from 44.7 to 48 degrees! Thinking gonna to light them up now....wrong! Changing lures on boards and set backs all day and same with riggers. Managed only 4 rigger/spoon bites all day, and tried EVERYTHING. Magenta shad Great Lakes wobbler took a soldier steelhead and same lure in black/silver took a football brown. That's it off riggers. All rest of hits and fish boated came off sticks off the boards stretches 120'+ back. Limited out for our guys but had to work for bites! ALL fish boated came unhooked in net and all empty stomachs when filleted, definately not on the feed today.

Tough bite, bad visibility but still got fish and everyone had a good time.



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Raymarine wasn't all that gotta work out.... Richie had to work all day for his peanut butter crackers. Dodging logs and floaters all over.

Added note the highlight today was a 10lb Atlantic that we boated...after it crossed and tangled 3 other planet lines lol

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