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Okuma Convector CV-15D

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Bought a few Okuma Convector CV-15Ds for spring browns and I'm having issues with the line binding up when I try and pull some drag out by hand. The line cinches up tight and gets wrapped and bound underneath. I have had to strip all the line off two different reels twice now. Spooled alot of reels (Diawa and Shimano) this spring and these are the only ones I'm having issues with. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong with these? It is a huge PIA when this happens especially when you are just starting to rig in the morning.

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Hope this helps




One thing you might try is folding a paper towel several times over to form a strip and thread the line thru the paper towel, Intertwine the whole thing between your fingers to and squeeze to put tension on the line as you reel it onto the spool.  Does that make sense?

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I have some Convector 30DS that I spooled with wire to use on dipsy rods and I may know your problem as I see an issue with mine as well. With the retrieve so fast the instant you get a little slack and the line unwinds a bit it is pretty far from the levelwind guide and the jerky feeling is the line catching up to the guide. If you reel in or let out evenly, it will start fine, at least as it applies to mine that is the case, I am thinking the 6.2 to1 is a bit much, we will see once we get to Wilson.  

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