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Dont know where to post this: Boat names


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All good names guys.. I appreciate the responses.  I actually thought about naming it after my daughter "Jordyn Marie" but then I would feel bad because my son didnt get part of it.  Im sure my wife would be happier if I did name it after my daugher rather than "tipsy troller" or something that the coast guard would see as an easy target.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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I still didnt name this damn boat and probably should since I will be applying for MMSI number but have narrowed it down.  What do you guys think?  Open to suggestions of others if something miraculously pops into someone's head. 


Jordyn Marie (daughters name)

Spoons N Tunes

Meals on Reels

Long Rods






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I thought of a good one last night but my wife wouldnt have any part of me naming the boat "balls deep" ahhhah.

That's ok, there are at least a half dozen boats with that name on the lake already. And that's just the ones I'm aware of. Probably 2-3X that overall.

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I always liked "The Boat" and wanted it displayed on the boat like "The Bands" greatest hits album. My buddies said nobody would get it. There was a time in my life were I watched the last waltz every time we got screwed up.

Turns out boat names is Dances with Fish. I tell everyone my buddies are huge Kevin Costner fans. I think it's funny telling people at the dock that my neck tattooed crew are huge Kevin Costner fans and have seen Bodyguard over twenty times.

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