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Atlantic Salmon


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So just thought I'd start a thread to see who has caught Atlantic Salmon in their life! I've been reading the reports and seems like everyone is catching them which is an awesome sign! I caught my first Atlantic at 10 years old! 10 pounds caught on a slide diver on the Bar in the spring! And every year since then we have seem to at least put one Atlantic under our belt, whether trolling or fly fishing! So I want people to share the number of Atlantics they've caught and also some pictures!

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That's a nice Atlantic,congrats.

Last couple of seasoms we caught for or five Atlantics.I got one a bit over 14lbs when I was fishing on a friends boat last year.They seem to be more and more common,not that there are loads of them being caught,but enough to make me want more of them.The air show is the best,they're out of the water more than they're in it..

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