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Launched out of Wilson around 9:30-!0:00am for the first trip of the year, had my daughters and a buddy.  We stayed inside 20ft of water looking for browns, 1st time targeting spring browns so I was looking for warmer water and stain, found some 42-43degree water west of the break wall and worked in and out of that, we ran a fire tiger jointed rapala of a in line board, a black and silver rapala off another board and sent the riggers down with a variety of colors.  Hit a really pretty brown around noon on an NBK spoon trolling between 1.9-2.3 mph.  Only the second trip out since I've owned my Sabre and I already miss my old controlking (should have taken off the old boat prior to sale!).  Overall boat shook out well, have to track down a fuel issue to my kicker but other than that good to go.  Kids had a blast, and a great day on the water back in aroun 1p.  Tight lines,


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