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Got the clover plots in this weekend!

Bosun Cowboy

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Total of 1.5 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chicory. Deer love this stuff. I have been planting it for years with great results. The back untilled part of the large plot will be seeded to Brassicas and oats in August. Last pic is what the plot looked like last fall.






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Looks great! Just curious on how well your chicory has grown? Every time I plant it the deer seem to eat it down to nothing. Are you planning on putting a fence up so they can't eat part of it til you want?

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They usually start hitting the chicory more in sept and October. And yeah they will eat it down the nothing butt it will come back. Counted 25 deer 1 nite in October in the clover plot. we still have another 2 acres of clover to plant and another 2 acres of brassica to plant in early August.

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