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Mexico 4/25-4/26

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Fished Saturday morning, set up at  "A" frame on a west troll is 5-8 fow.  Had a pretty nice mud line set up.  Had first rod fire while still setting up, nice little cromer to start the morning. Typically that's not a good sign for us, but turned out to be a pretty good day.  Ended up 8 for 14, with a mix of browns and steelhead, with one nice 5 lb smallie(released of course!). Most fish coming off the boards on anything with orange in it.  Rattlin Rogue smithwick in smoke/orange was definately our best producer.  Took one fish off the rigger on a purple glow frog stinger.  Numbers would have been better, but had some problems with our clips on the boards.  Time to get rid of the old "alligator" clips! 


Sunday morning the mud line was gone.  Started in the same area on a west troll in 8-10 fow.  Hit a few cookie cutter browns, then decided to run down to the high rocks.  Came back on an east troll and did a little better, but dealt with more boat traffic.  Ended the morning bringing 7 browns to the net, dropping a few behing the boat.  Ran the same program as Saturday.  Overall a good weekend for our "shakedown" trip. 

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