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TomAhawk @ the oak------ Salmon and Trout W/ few pics

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Started out the front door and the green water was long gone along with the spring brown bite along the shore line. Water was gin clear and calm sea's so we started are day off in 40fow where we were marking some bait. set the riggers at 20/30/40 and broke out the short lead-cores 4/6/5/3 lengths with mag FLT spoons in search of some salmon. Trolled north east out to 100fow and back to that 40ish water hitting a ton of Lakers then finally connected with something good nice 17lb king on a FLT bank breaker 50 down over 75fow . finished up with him and we would hit a nice Atlantic 25 down over 85fow  stuck with the king program and ended the day with a fat lake trout i think it was 24 or 25lbs , one last thing to note was speeds were very slow 1.4 to 1.7 mph on the probe. the Atlantic hit at 1.4 after we slowed to boat the king. 




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Man I'm going tommorow morning u think any will be in shallow?. If not what depth should we try

I would motor right out to 30fow and watch the FF and slowly slide out till ya took a hit or see something good on the screen worth while fishing for but with that said didn't mark a lot of the fish we caught. good luck 

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