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Cayuga 4/29


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Had a great morning out with PCPete, lots of quality salmon!  Ran two boards and one down the chute.  Only had one short at 17" (plus another dink Pete picked up casting), one 19" and the others great fish over 20".  Some real nice fights and jumps!  On and one brown around 16-17".    Pete kept his limit but I put mine back and then some.  Water temps were 47-48 and climbing by the time we left.


We trolled the south end using a variety of shallow sticks, most colors caught fish, no real standouts. Perch, alewife colors mostly.   Strayed out into the clear water and found 40 degrees.  Flat calm to start with mini-whitecaps out of the north by the time we left.  


Still a lot of debris and sticks out there including some big pieces (including a cabinet door).  Excellent numbers, size and quality to the fish, it's a great sign for the year.  Only saw two small lamprey wounds and no actual lamprey.  Very nice morning!


Here's the first fish of the day:


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Thanks for sharing Hermit. Two years ago on a similar spring trip most fish I caught had lampreys...sounds like the situation is improving. Hope your health continues to improve. I told you last fall I thought you were looking better. I'll be in touch...I'll have room for you soon as I get on em.

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Nice going Alec.....guess fishing can be the best "medicine" for whatever ails us :)

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Les, you bet!  Great way to forget about everything else for a while.


Justin sounds good.  And yeah, nice clean healthy looking fish, it's a good sign for sure.  No monsters but I think that was my highest ever average salmon size on a trip. (Not counting the outings with only a few fish.)



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This trip was great fun, first salmon catch of my life and I ended up going home with my limit. In my wife's words "this is way better than the salmon I buy at Wegmans" so that's a big win for me as shes never liked any of the fish I have caught from Cayuga (Lakers, bass and Perch). Hermit is also an awesome teacher and I am looking forward to replicating his setup on my boat this year. 


Thanks Alec!



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