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2008 Ice Fishing

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I know it's a little late b/c it's May, but I haven't been that active on here lately. Work has been keeping me busy. So here's some pics from this winter. I'm from Chaumont, so most of the pics are from Chaumont Bay. Caught more Walleye this year than ever before, caught some nice pike on jig poles (including the one below, 10.5 lb, 34") when fishing for perch. Perch were bigger and more plentiful this year. Fun season! Enjoy the fish p 0 r n!




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Wow! How'd that strike? Expecting a nibble from a perch, that beast had to strip all the line off your reel! Sodus had some big perch this year too! Good times! Thanks for sharing!

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I was doing some jigging and the perch had shut off. Next thing I know I had a fish on my line when I jigged up. I was doing some long jigs up and down to try and attract fish b/c I thought the perch were gone for good. Didn't know what it was at first as it wasn't doing much, but then it did take a good amount of line out. I was in my shanty and had my friends right next to me in their shanty. I was afraid that the fish was going to tangle into their lines and mess them up. Had to stick my pole down the hole when I was fighting the fish b/c my pole would have broke or my line would have broke if I didn't put the pole down there. Fun times!

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