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I-Bay - 5/3/15 AM Report ***Update*** VIDEO ADDED

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Here's a video link from Sunday's action: (sorry about the goofy royalty free music):

First time fishing this year with my great pal Anthony and our first official trip of the year. We fished with the armada just east of the bay and yes I must say that the word is out that Rochester is the place to be - it's got to be the most boats I've seen trolling near I-Bay in years.

We fished two slide divers, and a varying mixture of sticks and three and five color cores of the boards, along with our two riggers - between 20-27 feet.

We caught 8 Chinook salmon and my biggest Atlantic salmon to date, and had an absolute blast on the water.

Four of the kings were all in the mid to upper teens in weight. We initially thought we might have a chance at an LOC king, but I think our "boat goggles" got the best of us and the fish was closer to 17-18#, rather than over 20. I did not have a scale on my boat............

All the following caught fish:

Wild bill/Buffalo Bill DW spoon

Fuller KOS

DW Standard 42 sec

Wonderbread off the slide diver

Awesome day out there, although the bite stopped around ten or so.

Good luck to all,







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Great report we stayed out of the pac most of the day ended with 5 mid to upper teen kings and lost 4 others and boated a few bonus lakers. Think the kings are a little shy with everyone running over them all weekend

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Kudos to Capt'n Chris!

There are always new opportunities knocking on the door each time you venture out to the lake.

Today will go into my book with so many kings caught during the first week of may.

The best photo goes to the bonus Atlantic salmon you held in your hands!

Thank you for a great day on the water.

Best of luck to all.

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