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Blind Squirrel Sportfishing Report 5/5 with Great Lakes Lure Company

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today capt. rich and myself had the owner of Great Lake Lure Company (Jason) and his girlfriend Theresa aboard the "fired up". We set this trip up with a few missions to accomplish. 1) to celebrate Theresa's birth day (happy b-day), 2) field test some new great lakes lures products, 3) sample alittle of each offering of the spring fishery - different species, techniques, patterns, water depths etc, 4) compare lure actions and speed ranges against other companies 5) have some laughs and fun 6) fish the LOC derby

We started off sampling the in tight brown fishery. Set up off webster pier and worked east all the way to ginna. Trolled all the way east in 8 to 14 foot of water. water clarity ranged from 5 to 11 feet down most of the troll. First release was gold challenger off the boards ...came off during multiple hand offs of the rod. LOL Next came a small brown on a black/gold challenger stick 125' back. Another shot on a fire tiger and g-o-n-e after a few seconds. Took a shot on a Great lakes keuka wobbler goby 5' rigger back 75' while clearing lines after pulling thru a debris field but dumped it. Black/silver stick bait took a coho back 125' and while netting the goby wobbler fires again but gone by time got to rod. Then rod bends over cracks off the planer release and we got Theresa's birthday present LOC Derby brown on but before it hits the net it comes off :( Take another brown just before ginna on black/gold stick again.

Mission 1 accomplished

Turn north once we get around the west side of the buoys and start to switch up gear and programs. While switching up we lose probe downspeed/temp....UGGGG. Continue setting up and rolling north 2 color core takes a rip with NBK. Troll out to 100 fow and then turn west and start working back towards home.

Testing speed range and action of the N35's - these spoons have a high end speed range like the old school optimizers. they started to come to life at 2.7-3.0 speed over ground and hold action well above this. Also we compared various Great Lakes lures blanks again other companies -comparing action, speed ranges, cup bends, sizes, weights, metal gauge thickness, paint quailty etc.

Also We tested a new spoon blank form that Jason has prototyped. Very nice action is 2.4-2.7 speed over ground range and doesn't spin out our lose action well above this range. Going to be very productive we they get painted up.

mission 2 accomplished

worked in and west towards webster and rigger fires 47' down over 81' on a custom black/glow/silver spoon. Theresa's on the rod and boats her personal biggest lake trout ever! great job!

mission 3 accomplished

Couple of shots on keuka wobbler spook free slider on the 35' rigger. Then the wire fires 69' out on a 3 setting over 65 foot water. White green dot spinny with pro/am glow fly - another good size laker.

Hooked into 38' water and the corner rigger 21' down starts a smoking. Therea's on the rod and gets her bday present. A beautiful king that put up a crazy fight- put she was a pro on the rod and got it to the net. great job. This king came on a 42 second spoon OUR first fish ever taken on this spoon!!!!

mission accomplished

Pulled rods and headed in

Alot of laughs, testing, talking, and a good time. Happy Bday again !

will let either capt. Rich, Jason or Theresa add about the combat planer boards, all the jokes and pics, and the newly famous phrase from Theresa.

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First, let me say that Capt Rich and Capt Steve run a very professional Charter Service and have a beautifully equipped Vessel. Their 2 Captain approach to fishing makes for a productive and efficient fishing combination, and when you fish with them, it is also very obvious the mutual respect they have for one another. They are not only good at putting you on fish, but know how to make the trip a real blast. Great Lakes Lure Co is proud to be affiliated with such a great organization as "Blind Squirrel Sportfishing". 


The day started out with a good number of hit's while brown trout fishing. We caught a few and lost even more. One of the first fish we hooked and lost was really nice. We also hooked a couple nice lakers, and Theresa broke a personal best with a 14lb'r. While clearing and re setting lines Capt Steve starts yelling "Board" and we notice a boat approaching from the fog, then, we notice their board and there was no one steering the boat. Were hooked up and fighting a fish, and their all standing on the back of the boat. Steve yells "Board" one more time and they realize were about to have a problem. Steve managed to grab the planer line and pull the board out of harms way, and the other boat managed to get turned and began pulling their board. Disaster avoided and we boated our fish. During the morning brown trout fishing, Steve and I ran some new lures, tested 2 new forms for the N35 that's being developed for Lake Ontario fishing ( very promising lures) and discussed colors and some possible new lures to be developed in the future. Capt Steve and Capt Rich had some good info to share and offered some very good advise regarding new lure patterns and colors that we will begin to experiment with in the future. 


After our morning brown trout run and a successful lake trout run (boated 2 - 14 lb lakers) it was time to set up for kings. After searching for temperature we hit an area where Rich and Steve suggested we would hook up. Capt Rich was told he couldn't eat till he put us on a "Screamer", and that he did! Theresa boated her first King ever, a 16 lb'r. Like Steve said, this fish put up one crazy fight! Theresa handled the rod like a pro and was so excited! (you have to see the video on my Facebook page, I posted the link.) When Theresa was handed the rod and the fish was screaming off line she yells "This ain't no f-ing lake trout!" and we all just started laughing. (You had to be there) That became the newly famous phrase of the boat! 


Theresa and I had a great time! Theresa keeps telling me it was her best birthday ever! We haven't stopped laughing about the trip. Capt Steve and Capt Rich know how to run a great charter! Good fishing, good laughs and an overall excellent experience. Thanks for such a great trip and for all the advise and conversations we had regarding lures. This looks to be a very promising relationship, and we look forward to our association with Blind Squirrel Sportfishing! 









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Yes, it sure was. When you watch that video of Theresa's king you can hear all the joking and laughing, and to see how excited she was to land her first King, that summed the whole day up. Great fishing and tons of laughs! Tell Rich he got me pretty good when he took my phone away! I didn't know he and Theresa had it planned... but when she told me I got a good laugh. She said "What did you think when he took your phone"? I said I didn't know what to think, I was surprised. Then when I learned he's done it before I said "makes sense cause it was too easy for him" I don't know if I can top that one, but I will try!   Big Thank You from Theresa and I. You guy's are Great! 

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Oh we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve. Your on the water to fish and have fun. Cell phones, facebook , Twitter and video games can wait till back at dock. I'm sure you think of a way to get rich back for that....hmmmm hide his food

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