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Mexico Point to the Power Plant - 5/5 - 5/9

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I haven't posted much in this forum, I joined in preperation for a week of springtime fishing. I just got home.

Here is what we found.

Sunday - 25mph winds.... fished the river in boots. Missed 1.

Monday we were on fish all morning west of the power plant in 10-20' of water. Water was stained, we picked up fish from 9:30 until 1:30 on brown stick baits. Water loaded with bait. It didn't seem to matter how far we traveled west, we got (and lost) fish the whole way. Came around front to the blufs when the bite stopped, picked up one 18" steelie. Too short.... but encouraging.

Tuesday back to the plant around 10:00 (up late cleaning fish and celebrating). Throwing brown sticks again and nothing. Bait was in the water, we couldn't hook up. Tried the entire shore.... discovered where the water goes to 5' on the point about 1.5 miles west. You might have seen us there... lines caught in the rocks.... boards dead in the water.... got out of it minus one rig. Not bad. Tried the front of the plant at the outflow, still nothing. Tried the bluffs east of the plant and picked up one steelie again about 17" on a orange/black spots over brass salmon spoon. Fished there for a while longer..... nuthin. Off the lake around 6p.m. with a empty box.

Wednesday - Looked beautiful in the morning, headed wet of the plant again. Fished hard all day again, nuthin. One steelie back at the bluffs again. Started to get worried. Fellow at the launch told us he was doing well with watermellon spoons. Stopped at Fat Nancy's and picked a couple up.

Thursday - whitecaps. Trolled from Mexico Point to the bluffs, nothing. Waves were really picking up around 9:30... called it a day. Smoked brown trout at the camp.

Friday - Fishing at 6:30. Second watermellon wasn't all the way out and a fish was on it. Non stop in 10-15' tight to the western boundry, from the golf course (is that what it is) to the boundry. Watermellon took most of the fish, rainbow sticks and mooselooks did well as well. One came over the side on brown. Limited that day, one more short steelie as well.

Week's over... hope this helps somebody. Thanks for your help in preperation for the trip!!! It was great to get there and have an idea of what we were going to do and how we were going to do it!!!

BTW; I was in the Lund Tyee 1950 running the yellow boards off a single mast.... on autopilot with the elec trolling motor. Makes it so you don't have to touch the steering wheel unless the wind catches your bow.

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Power plant was just shy of 50 at the west end where the "sweet spot" was and in front of the discharge. The bluffs were 45. Most of the lake, where not changed by a river was 46. Bait was in the warm water... with some exceptions. Good luck.

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