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Rigged @ Rochester/WHI 5/1- 5/9

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Took the week off for spring loc, salmon slam, 1k and to pre fish for WHI. After the tough winter we planned to fish Rochester for the first half of the week then search out in Wilson.

5/2-5/5 I Bay

We fished hard all weekend working 30-60 fow and whacked the Kings pretty good from shipbuilders to Webster. Spoon bite was all we really had, while we took a few shots on meat as well. It was nice out there as of all the fish we caught, only 3 or 4 were not salmon. Best fish was around 18lbs. post-150826-14313066014958_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14313066261975_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14313066477748_thumb.jpgpost-150826-14313066595167_thumb.jpg

5/6-5/9 Wilson

Stared close to port as we heard 80-110 was the place to be. Set up pretty much straight out from port in 80 and whacked em' all day. We did at least 40 fish with doubles and triples being a normal occurrence. Of those fish the majority were lakers with about 11 kings boated. Biggest was about 17.

Day 2 we searched west for bigger fish so we dropped in a few miles west of port to see water temps dropped pretty good. Just after we got the spread out and took our first fish the power steering pump started whining so we had to go back and get that situated (power steering line) headed back out after it got fixed even further west and finally found some good water about 6 miles west of port. Did only 8 or so salmon that day as we didn't really start fishing until 10am. Biggest was 18.

Day 3

Dropped in our waypoints and got right on the fish. We had 1 rod in the water for the first two hours as every time one went down it would fire. We felt good and we're ready to make a run at the leaderboard for the SS and WHI the next day. Big guy was 18 this day as well as we took many more mature fish than previous days.

5/9 Tourney time! We were amped as we had about 10 good waypoints which took multiple fish all week. We got outside of the pack and sat down right at 28'w 110 fow. Dropped out spoon program that has slated them all week and.... Crickets. Worked inside to 75' as we took a lot of fish there as well... No screen. Looked out to see a boat hooked up outside and by the time we got out and figured out the fish blew outside of our waypoints by 40-50' it was almost too late. We ended up with 3 7lb Kings which weren't worth weighing.


Took 9th in the salmon slam with a 16.69 lb avg over 7 fish.

Even though it was a trying day I still wouldn't have passed it up for the world. Great time out there!! Congrats Rick and team for your 2nd place finish and Oh Baby for the win!

Hot spoons all week were shoehorns warriors and moonshine mags.

Next up- OOO!

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They took fish.. Nothing to write home about but we haven't run them a whole lot either. Time will tell but I like them... Different action and they seem to hold up pretty well so far!

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