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Out of I-Bay 5/7, 5/9, 5/10

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Only the second weekend of fishing on the Gunner. Started out Thursday evening looking for some leftover browns in the bay. Got the ever elusive sheep trout instead.

Saturday we tried working the browns to no avail. Moved out to 80-85 fow and quickly had a viscious slam on the dipsy pulling a doctored up NK mag money. 20 seconds of excitment and we were bit off. Pulled a small laker on a nuclear green Challenger off of the boards. First time I ever got a laker 5 feet down over 85 fow. Next two fish were teenager kings one on an NK mag green dolphin behind 300' copper and the other on a rattlin rogue off of the boards. That was the day 3 for 4 losing what was definitely the biggest fish. A likely story I know.

Sunday we went back to the 80-85 fow. The same 300' copper rig had all of the action, limited as it was. First fish pounded the copper and just tore line off the reel. We looked at each other with some big eyes. 30 seconds later he was unbuttoned but at least we got the spoon back this time. Another hour or so and a teenager king on the copper. Moved out into the fog to 105' and back again, nothing. Packed it in at 11:30.







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