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I fished Bronte on Sunday My 10th.


4 lakers all over 8 lbs and 1 Chinook around 8lbs.
All caught in 110 fow  just off of bottom.
Didnt mark anything in the 50 to 90 fow range so decided to try for some lakers.

I was surprised to pull a Chinook out of that deep of water, but I'm just a rookie.


Two Riggers and Two Mag dipsy

Crazy fog last Sunday morning

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Got out of Bronte on Friday May 15 around 7:30 am. We went 5 for 7. First hook ups was a double header off riggers set at 55 feet with a depth of 140. The hot lure was a green and black J plug. the other was a purple and white Matrix spoon. Caught 4 kings and 1 laker. Saw lots of active fish in the 150 depth. We got the laker and one king at 125 feet. 5 nice fish in 3 hours. What a great way to start the season.

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was out both sat and sun last weekend. fished mostly 125-140 feet with 2 good lakers and 2 nice Chinook...all released for next time.


Everything came on combo orange and green spoons running large dipseys about 200-240' back


Seemed to be lots of activity on the screen up high but nothing hitting a shallow bait.

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