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Fish Hawk Customer Service

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Just wanted to comment on the great customer service Fish Hawk provides. The down temp and speed on my unit wasn't functioning.

After speaking with Fish Hawk I had my buddy bring his prob and head unit. After mixing and swapping we determined it was my head unit.

I call Fish Hawk on last Monday morning and explained what was wrong. She asked for my name  and address and said we don't want you to be without it so we are sending one right out. Wed. afternoon I had a brand new head unit sitting at my door.

Kudos to Fish Hawk for a great product and even better customer service!

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I just had the same experience with them.after trading a guy from this site,who I won't name,my x4 for his x4d this past winter,I went to use it last week and I wasn't getting a down temp.i called fish hawk and explained what was happening.karen right away said it was the probe,she said the same thing,I will ship you one out today and 2 days later I had it.i guess the probe must have broke sitting in my closet over the winter.

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I just called them the other day because my probe that I've been running until now quit sendinv signal. Service was just as good as the other 2 times I've called, once for a probe issue, a transducer issue, and now. I am more than happy with their service.

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