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fished seven of the last fifteen days at the niagara bar. spent $800 on gas for almost 600 lbs of fish. until fridays big east blow fishing was predictable and mostly on fire. saturday looked to be the perfect day. alot of big marks in the usual spots but turned out to be a tough day for us. with the help of guy on the candy boat we traveled 54 miles for six fish. relocated sunday and did well again. met some good guys from oswego. watched a 14 foot boat disappear during last saturday evenings big storm, looked for him for a while and headed in to find them kissing the dock in youngstown with life jackets on. the highlight had to be having the honor of picking up jax in olcott yesterday morning, i think he cost us a few fish having to stop at 6am to run in and get him, and he even backlashed the hell out of my wire on a small laker. even ran the turkey rig because we forgot hot dogs. no fish on the turkey. good times!

mike kowalski


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mlk,i feel your pain of inviting a rookie on board ,jason lost at least 1/2 dozen lures this year,couple nice tangles(break out the knife)and a couple backlashes to keep him busy ,on his side of the boat.as for me ......its pretty hard to mess up a worm and bobber setup..

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Ray, Come on now......

Getting excited to see a wire rod go in 3-4fters and accidently catching the the freespool is an accident, Not being a beginner....after getting the backlash untangled it ended up being a laker instead of a king. :? Was great to get out tho, My crew bailed on me the nite before so it was an unplanned back up trip to get out for the last day of the LOC.

I appreciate pickin me up and taking me out Mike. Did some decent fish and some laughs, not a bad day at all. That big boy chris got jumping out of the water 3ft I will not forget for a long time.

Im headin out in the A.M. to scope waters around here.


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Yeah, unbelieveable trip. Good to be around people who know how to catch Kings. 53 fish landed, over 85 hooked in 7 days in Niagara. Here are a few of our beasts, the last weighing in the Sunday before the LOC at 24.4lbs.

Capn Chris


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