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Chinook Diver -vs- Dipsy

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Chinook diver got us 9th place in this year's l.o.c. Derby,and big fish of day! l like the way it trolls out seems like less drag on everything.

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Use one of these to see the difference, they are so much better to fight a fish or to just reel in. make in Rochester NY. 

been using for two years didn't have any problems.

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They look like they would dive well, but do you really need 1,200 feet of wire to get to 50 foot depth? See below from the website:



  • #5 is used for 50-100+ foot depth 
  • #4 is used for 45-80 foot depth range
  • #3 & #2 work best in the 25-50 foot depth range 
  • #1 is also great for shallow trolling 5-25 foot depth range
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