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Thanks to the great reports from last evening I had a pretty good idea where to start this morning........30-60ft from the bay to just past shipbuilders.


Had 2 lines in at 6:15am in about 50ft, and as I was putting the third in, got a rip on the rigger....teen king.  It was a feeding frenzy for till about 8.  Went 4-6, landing two teen kings and two decent lakers.   (Lost fish felt like teen kings)  They hit mixed veggie, generic green spoon, and 42nd spoon on riggers at 45ft and cheaters.  It was dead for a while and the boat traffic was increasing so I decided I would go out deeper and look for a thermal break and some bigger kings....big mistake, waste of an hour and a half.  Barren screen temp 39-40 top to bottom out to 100+ft


Came back in shallow 35-50ft. Temp 52+ on top but dropped quickly to 42 down ~12ft.  The bite was pretty steady, landing 3 more teen kings and a laker.  Two of the kings came on 3 color leadcore.....the others on riggers,  Lures same as before.  There was no indication the bite was going to slow, but I had an appointment so I picked up about 11:30.


Ended the day 8 for 10 and had a lot of fun with a double at one point early. (That's my excuse for losing one of the fish!) :)


No photos as most fish were in the 12-15lb range and I wanted to get them back in the water quickly.

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That was productive, nice work! Darn job got me stuck in a cubicle reading this. Hopeful for the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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Traffic was not bad, just higher than normal for a weekday.

I only went out to about 110ft....it was 39-40 degrees surface to near bottom.

It can change so quickly who knows what it will be like tomorrow.

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