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I-Bay 5/16/15 AM - another great day in Rochester ***UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED***

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UPDATE: Video link added:


Enjoy folks!

I fished with my great buddy Jason today and it was a great day of fishing. We fished out of I-Bay and the 55-65' of water was the best. We fished two riggers, various cores, a slide diver at times, and two wire dipsy rods, and it was one of those days when everything took fish. Early on, it was a green and glow bite and at one point when the sun popped out, it shifted to a black/silver bite.

We finished the day 10 for 15 with all Chinook except for one lake trout and we had one break off and two that we lost on core and one on the wire that were true rippers.

The reports over the past two days were very helpful in finding the water that held fish - thanks guys!!

There were many, many marks and streakers and bait pods and that beautiful green water that we all dream of is where the fish were.

The following all took fish or hits:

KOS - rigger 45' MVP

42 second - rigger 35'

free slider - glow frog SS

Slide diver - glow frog spoon I think

ten color core - SSW

mulatto - rigger 45'

diehard Spinny/sweet pea fly - 85' wire diver another MVP

3 color core - Wild bill spoon

Awesome spring fishing continues with a very feisty class of kings and the opportunity to catch them on lighter tackle (12# mono). I also love nothing more than catching spring salmon on high divers when they are full of piss and vinegar.

Good luck to all and be safe!



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