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Downriggers - Braid vs. Mono

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 Hi, I;m new to the site and this is my first post, so any help is appreciated.


 What are the advantages/disadvantages of running one line over the other. Looking to fish this summer and need to know how to rig.  Thanks in advance.



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This topic has been covered a bunch here.  The biggest issue is the small diameter of the braid works against you when the Fleas are blooming in the summer.  Most guys seem to use 30 lb big game mono to get around the flea problem, with a leader of something smaller.

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I'm sure you will get different views of how to, and what not to, but this is my set up, starting first with the riggers, I run 4 poles off my riggers, maybe not all at once but I have them set up the same. I use a 45 series reel, and I have Berkley Big Game 30# test as a backer and on top of that I have 150 yards of 30# Blood Run Sea Flea line, then I use a #8 SPRO barrel swivel and depending on what I'm fishing for I use a flurocarbon leader usually the length of the pole. The SPRO swivel will fit through the eyes of the poles which allows you to reel your fish into the boat or if using a dipsy you will only have to deal with the leader after the dipsy. (Hand line to the net) OK here's where the mixed opinions will come into play. Some people like braided line and some hate it, I like it especially on my dipsy rods as there is no stretch which in my mind makes for a solid hook up, some say it tears the hooks out, but after you let your dipsy out and you want to do this slowly so they don't get tangled up, I set the drag lite and let them creep out to my desired length then I tighten up the drag just enough so they won't creep out on their own. I use 30# Power Pro and a #8 SPRO swivel and the fluro leader and on the business end I use a #2 duo lock snap to the spoon or lure, if I'm using a dipsy I use a heavier SPRO snap swivel to the dipsy and of course your (I use) 20# fluro leader with a #2 duo lock snap to afix whatever your going to run after the dipsy, if your going to run a spinner and fly or a dodger and fly/spoon I use a heavier snap swivel. I also use slide divers and for those I like 30# Berkley big game, with the Lite Bite slide diver I find mono is easier to use. So that's what I use. There are guys that run copper and wire lines and and they are very good also and hopfully they will chime in and explain how they work. I also use lead core line which I use a lot. I use a 3-5-7 color cores and use snap weights to fill in the voids where some guys like 2 through 10 colors, that's one's personal choice, it starts to get very expensive to have all the paraphernalia to cover everything. I'm a firm believer in keeping it simple, for one of many reasons, if your the only guy on the boat that understands all this you WILL have your hands full where if it's more simple more guys will get the hang of it quicker, and if the same group sticks together, then you can incorporate the other lines. Hope this helps and good luck on the water!! PAP

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