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Daiwa Interline Downriggin Rods

Yankee Troller

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One thing to be cautious of is when you break them down. Don't tighten the line to the point where it wears against the egde of the insert. It will cause your line to fray. As pointed out by many, fleas can be a seasonal problem, but its nice not worrying about planer tow lines in chopping conditions. They have a place on my boat, just have to know your limits (like anything else)

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Well, first off thanks for the responses! I think I am going to try 3 of them on my riggers. Currently I run a line called McCoy Mean Green. Last year during peak flea times I would bring up my wires and have a foot or so on them and then the rigger rod with McCoy would come up and there would be an inch here and maybe an inch there. Jax, on the board, can vouch for that. So, with that in mind I guess Im gonna give them a shot.

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