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Good fishing, poor catching.....went 4 for 11 today, 3 low/mid teen Kings and a 10lb laker.  Could not keep them on the hook...some off seconds after the hit, others after a few minutes.  Those that were on for minutes felt like Kings.  Probably lost more today than I have since the beginning of the season.   Hooks are sharp...I checked....plus got one in the finger unhooking one of the Salmon.


Fished from the bay east in 60-100ft.  300 copper with mixed veggie spoon took more that it's share of hits.  Other hits off riggers as deep as 70 down and on sliders.  Orange nk28 crush took a few hits.  Mixed Veggie and Orange Crush have been the producers for me all of May.


No hits on 7 color core, green or blue spoons.  Had a break-off on hit with a dipsy with green dot pro-troll and fly....broke 50lb Seaguar Flouro.......first time in a long time.


Fun and frustrating day at the same time.....beats a skunk.


Photo of one of the kings...others similar size:.


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Update 5/25 - A little tougher fishing today for me.  Did manage two 10-11lb Kings (rigger/spoons), and two lakers, one 17lb (dipsy and F/F).  Still having issues losing fish, particularly on the copper....changed hooks, loosened/tightened drag, changed trolling speed....lost at least 3 kings on copper after short fight, and one on just for a second....very frustrating.  

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