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Took my yearly trip out to the west side of the lake. Dad, my 12 year old nephew Peter and myself. Decided to fish out of Olcott this year, I usually go out of the Niagara.


Arrived in town and at the motel around 1:00 pm. Thursday. Unpacked and settled our stuff. We were able to launch the boat about 2:30 pm. We went just out front seeing we were all tired from the 9 hour drive. Planed for a couple hour troll to see what the picture looked like. Managed 1 for 4 in that time. Did not think that was too bad for the middle of the day. Went back for dinner and to bed.


Got up Friday and had our morning coffee. Launched about 6:30 am. Trolled out front and to the east. Went 18 for 23 on this day. Biggest fish was about 18 pounds (King).


Saturday turned out to be our slowest day but not bad at all. Managed 15 for 18. Had a slow stretch around 10:00. My little nephew said he wanted to catch a laker. So I obliged and set up a cowbell and dropped it to the floor in 90 feet of water. Slowed the boat down and in ten minutes he was hooked up. Nice 10 pound laker to add to his list of fish.


Sunday, WOW. What an awesome day.  Started out a little slower than the other days, The morning bite was not as good for us. About 9:00 all hell broke out. We had three doubles and multiple singles that were only minutes from being doubles. We went something in the park of 25 to 30 with only two fish getting off.


Friday the fish were high. Riggers set from 35 to 60 feet. Saturday and Sunday some cold water moved in but the fish went down. Riggers were set from 60 to 95. Divers were set 125 and 150 in the mornings and dropped to 225 and 250 on Sunday afternoon.


A mixed bag for all days. We caught a three nice steelhead from 8 to 10 pounds. Four lakers from 10 to 15 pounds. Kings up to 18 pounds. Only small coho's this year.


Hope all have a great weekend.


Tight lines

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Hey Richard, it was nice to meet you Saturday, we did wind up getting our Laker on Sunday, in 220' of water 20' down on a Carmel dolphin w/ a cowbell I had set up for steelies, who woulda thought?? It was a nice one, went 16lbs, got our limit by 10, all kings plus the laker, largest was 21lbs, took a nice 400' initial run...all in all GREAT weekend, glad to see you had the same luck!!

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Congrats on a great weekend. I made my first trip ever this weekend. didn't do as well as you, but managed a dozen or more kings a day. really fun experience. could be you all might have saw me. boat name is God's Grace.

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Nice to meet both of you. Glad you had a great trip as well and got into the fish. This sport can be so addictive.




As always glad to talk to you. Sorry we did not get to actually see each other. I need to talk to you about your accommodations for next year.


For all others,


So glad everyone got into the fish, this weekend ranks as the second best we have had in twenty years.

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