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what kinds of spoons and flies

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Hi guys weather didnot look good for me for the weekend so Im wishinfishin.


As a new guy I was hoping to get as much feed back from all of you veterans on the lake.


I wanted to know what everybody thinks I should absolutely have to have on my boat as far as spoons, flies,etc.


The dont leave home without it stuff.


Size ,color, brand , time of year ,deep shallow, low light , high sun, I know all these things play a part.Whats the deal??????


Myself and the other newbies would be very grateful.


Thank you in advance

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Break out the wallet and buy every color in the spectrum and then every size you can imagine. Spoons, flies, flashers, peanuts and don't forget stick baits, not to mention rods reels ect.. or just charter for the next ten years it would be cheaper!

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cheaper would be not fishing ,but since ive been hooked on it since three years old and started

trolling a little on lady O ,I was hoping to make sure I had the dozen or so things that maybe people

mentioned here to make sure I have and then tweak it from there as I go.

Dont mind opening the wallet ,just want to spend in the right direction.

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