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Jax Report May 13th

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Dropped in Sandy Creek at 6, motored west and set up and trolled the whole shore east in 8- 12 fow down to cowsuckers creek and around wautoma. Clear water with the the best water being around cowsuckers creek. The first fish was a king about 10-12 pounds that tossed the hooks at the back of the propwash. Set back up and dropped another one off the boards, as Im setting back up a 4# coho takes my yozuri black and silver as im putting it out. The lure was maybe 15 ft out!

Next took 2 browns back to back off the riggers that weighed 10.3# and 10.8# respectively. Both were heavy with bait. DW super slims in double orange crush and metallic frog back 50-75 did them. Next we took a smallmouth bass that weighed 4 pounds even on my digital scale What a Toad it was. Great day to be on the water!

Finished up the day headin out to scope out the depths and catch a few lakers ended up catching 1 and we lost 1. The water temps are shaping up out there in the 100 fow range, only a matter of days I think......

Pics are on my buddies camera will get em up when I get em....

Time for sleepytime now.....out again in the morning....hopefully


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