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Started in 150 ft and didn't get a hit until 180. Best area today was 200 area. Everything we saw was 30ft and up. Water temp at 35ft was 39 degrees. Deep rig was 30 ft. With sliders that produced 2 lakers and a skippy. Dipseys were between 50-80 on#2 setting. Produced a teenager, laker, steelhead. One laker on top as I was letting line out. Ended the trip with a steelhead performance that everyone lives for on a board. Colors were monkeyshine,watermelon,dolphin. Best direction for trolling was NW. Almost all fish came in that direction. We tried different speeds going other directions and lures looked good but the fish tell us what they like.

Nothing like a Nor'easter to change things up.

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We ended up 3/7 in the same area. Took 3 kings and lost a bunch of crazy steelhead flatlining challenger stick baits off the boards. Kings came 50 to 80ft down between 150 and 180fow. Best 1 was 18lbs. Blank screen all day on Lowrance also.

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