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6/7 Oneida

Miss em

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Weatherman threw us a curve this morning.  Thought it was supposed to be a gentle breeze out of the SE, but was blowing pretty hard out of East.  Ended up trolling East towards Lakeport and made one upwind pass, then turned when they started coming over the bow and trolled back.  Ended up landing 7, all keepers.  Cutting board is 21 inches long.  Reef runners on the inlines took 5, 20# power pro, 75 feet out, then 2 or 3 oz. snap weight, another 50 feet out then the board.  Other two on Silver Streak Pink Panties on a 30 foot black Jet Diver out 125 on 15# mono.  35 fow or so.





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As busy as you are all nighters casting bombers isn't feasible! I can't wait for it to get just a bit better...I'm dying to fly fish for em at night. As if I need to make it harder! Oneida is a walleye factory...awesome fishery! Windy all weekend during the day on Otisco...made a loop for tigers each day and my toon was a rocking on the cross lake troll!

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