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Just want to thank the volunteers who organize and run the Niagara Pro/Am.


I think it needs to be noted again, volunteers.


This year there was over $41,000 in additional prize money and over $10,000 in merchandise paid out above and beyond the entries collected. That money and merchandise doesn't just materialize from nowhere, it comes from a concerted effort over a long period of time by a few - what's that word again? - Oh yeah, volunteers.


I'll be joining again next year.


Oh and BTW, thank you to the 2nd weekend weigh-in hosts. Much easier weigh in with drive up cooler unloads and ample parking than Krull park. I'd enjoy having one weekend there again next year.

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Thanks for putting this up John. BIG thanks to the volunteers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Great to see DEC at these events, as I had concerns/questions about the kings this year . Mike Connerton  (DEC) answered them and handed me DEC stocking history sheets to explain better to me.


Bootleggers, was a nice surprise venue also. Dan and Shelly were there constantly to do everything they could to accommodate.


GREAT EXPERIENCE and the prize money was not to shabby either $$$



Thanks again to the nameless volunteers who helped make this happen




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Yes a big Thank You to all the volunteers and sponsors at the back to back Niagara County events. I think its only fair to have a weekend weigh in for each participating port--and the Wilson location having been brought back to life had me recalling the 80's.  REMEMBER the casino coupons that were placed in your tourny bags--this is one way they will determine the value of their Tournament sponsorship. 

Jerry, I've been impressed by DEC's Mike Connerton and his dedication for a long time. Lets also remember the F&W guys who were covered head to toe in Salmon scales. They were definitely into their work, and it was great that they are looking at these events to gather data efficiently.

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