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Advice needed please

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I'm planning on taking a few fellow Vets onto LO on Wednesday the 10th early morning and would like some advice. The plan is to troll out from the nuke stacks around 80 fow with downriggers.  I have a Hummingbird 597ci HD DI, 2 downriggers, a couple of dodgers/flashers, spoons, spinners, bombers and a few other items. Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank You in Advance!

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I'd set up shallow, around 40 feet. I'd work north from there and keep an eye on your graph. If you don't have down speed I would work an S pattern. When you hook up I would do a 180 and hit that spot again. Stay on the fish should you find them. Keep your eyes open for surface temp breaks. Good luck, hope you do well.

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