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navionics chip

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I just bought a GP1870f unit and it will only take C-map charts. I don't believe you are restricted to the 4d chip, but why wouldn't you want to buy it for the latest technology. So I'd just buy the 4d chip for that reason (which I did). I'm hoping the mapping is as good as my navionics chip. Time will tell.

I actually contacted C-Map and had the tech send me screen shots of the lake I fish so I could see what I was getting. There was some communication issues but I got to see what I wanted for the most part.


Feelin Reel how do you like your unit?



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Only the Furuno navnet units take a Navionics card.

I've heard good things about the new furuno's though. Let me know how you like yours. I had a Furuno 585 with an airmar ss264w and it was the best sonar I've ever seen. I loved it.


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I had the navionics "fishin chip" which came with thd gold card about 10 years ago. When I got the 585 5 years ago I told the sales rep I wouldn't buy it if I couldn't use the navionics chart. He called Furuno and they sent a upgrade to his laptop, I got it on an SD card, loaded it and magically It now supported Navionics. I couldn't fish without my fishin chip..

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