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Cannon Uni Troll 6 issue (manual crank)

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Noticed this last year, and again this year.   Guess it's time to look into the issue.


Occasionally, when cranking my rigger just stops pulling up cable.   The crank continues to move, and you can hear the gear turning, but the 

weight just stays put.   If I let some line out and start cranking again, it usually works just fine.   This happens even when running them shallow.


They don't slip on the way down, and they hold a 12# ball without any problem (max weight according to Cannon).  The issue happens with 8 pound balls as well, but usually

when I'm pulling those up from 100' plus.


I'm going to guess it's a clutch issue?   I've looked on youtube and googled replacing clutches, but have not found a link that details the process.


Looked at Cannon replacement part sites, but just saw a ton of parts but no "clutch assembly for beginners", and I have no idea if it's just one part that needs replacing, or the whole darn innards?


Any help would be appreciated.   The thought of hand turning the spool at some point when it completely stops working is not appealing in the least!





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I have a couple uni-trolls and I have noticed a similar symptom when cranking them up. It's the wire jumping off the spool in short spurts from cranking them in really fast. I think it sometimes gets crossed over itself. Mine haven't done it in awhile. But if you go out deep and lower them 95% and crank them back up slowly. The wire lays smooth again.

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It was doing this 20' down, and only twice out of say 15 retrieves. It "cured" itself when I let a foot or two back out and started cranking again.

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