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Hemlock Hemlock Trolling 6/6/15

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Took out my dad and the little boat on Saturday and dragged some leadcore around Hemlock this past Saturday.

Beautiful place, beautiful weather, and one beautiful fish! 


Dragged a 7 color and a 9 color with small colorful spoons, and planer boards on either side with assorted sticks. 

Laker was caught on the 9 color mid-lake on the east shore. He bit a small Michigan Stinger in Mixed Veggies coloring.

Fish was 28 inches and about 7.5lbs.


Talked to two other boats that were skunked, not fast and furious action, but enough to keep us happy!




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Ive been saying for a while im going to get back over there and fish that lake. Just got another 14 footer that I have to set up here at some point along with maintaining the yan. This obsession is getting way to expensive! haha

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