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rod and reel combo

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Hey guys very new to trolling and dont have a big boat just a 18 ft deep v aluminum and im looking to buy a couple rod and reels to do spring and fall trolling for salmon and trout. what do you guys recommend that wont break the bank? im only looking to run planer boards / dipsy divers.. no down riggers on my boat....let me know what you guys think thanks.

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There's a few choices, but you don't want to get something that is going to break, or you will need to replace in 1 or 2 years from now.  So you want to balance quality and cost.


For that I would recommend Okuma Convector 30D reels for everything except copper.


If you can afford it, I would get the following:


2 x 9' Trolling Rods with metal guides - like the Talora Copper Rod. These will be good for leadcore or copper (in future). I would put 5 color leadcore on one rod and 7 color leadcore on the other. These will be used on your inline planer boards. I suggest TX-44 boards, and change to the church tackle lock-jaw clip. I would also get a 4 oz, 6 oz and 12 oz torpedo diver to put on the backing of your leadcore lines to get deeper in the summer time. This will allow your leadcores to reach the same depth as copper line (and more).


Here's a picture of the metal guides you are looking for in these rods:




I would then get between 2 and 4 wireline rods. One pair around 8 ft., the other pair 9 or 10 ft. These rods will have roller guides and a swivel tip.  You should put 1000 ft of 7 strand wire on these rods. They are great for dipsey divers.


Here's a picture of the roller guides you are looking for in these rods:




Alternatively, instead of roller guide rods, you can get some more rods with metal guides for the wire line rods, but you will have to replace your tip with a twillie tip, to avoid kinking the wire. This will be cheaper than a roller guide rod, but will at least be decent quality.


Here is a picture of a twillie tip.



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