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cannon speed and temp,sub troll or fish hawk

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I personally have used the sub-troll for many years - and I bought it because I like to look at it from the back of the boat - and with the analog dial - it's very easy to read, I don't like having to process thr digital bumber - and with the other units they are hard to see from a distance...just my 2 cents worth.

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Yes it does. But not a problem like some of the stories you hear on here. Both products are good. Just have to decide what your preferences are. This is another of those scotty vs cannon debates. Either product will serve you well. Good luck with your decision.

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I have both sub troll and the fish hawk X4D on the boat.

They both do the job and the display is all about personal choice.

Sub troll transmits the signal through a coated cable while the fish hawk requires a transom mount transducer to receive the signal.

Again all about personal choice.

Another transducer with holes in the boat or maintenance of the coated cable.


Your question was what unit was the best bang for the buck?

I would say the sub troll.

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