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How do you catch surface feeding Crappies?


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  1. beetle spin (I prefer white with grn n blck)
  2. blue fox spinner silver with blue
  3. curly tail jig under a float (3ft) color black.
  4. Small cranks (never tried it but hear about it a lot)

All retrieved as slow as you can while still getting the bait's action.  Sometimes I think it should be easy and the baitfish must be a lot different than my presentation and I get nothing.  Other times it is bang bang bang.  Every cast is a fish.

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Here's a rig... with a flyrod outfit. Try small sponge body rubber band legged ant or spider floating imitation at the terminal end of leader. Tie on to an 8 to 15 inch dropper a tiny ice fishing jig at least a foot above the floater.....any floater, including bass poppers can work. This may work with short casts using a super light ultralight outfit, but watch out for marauding 3lb bass!

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